The same installation strategy also works with Anaconda installations or any other Python distributions. Supported Python versions are 3.8 or later.

By default MICOM will also install a linear and quadratic programming solver that will work for large problems. For this it leverages a custom hybrid solver that combines HIGHS and OSQP. Those will be installed along with MICOM automatically.

If you have several supported solvers installed you may later specify one with the solver argument in micom.Community or

Install faster (optional non open source) solvers#

The following solvers are proprietary but offer free licenses for academic use. Both solvers are faster and more accurate for the multi-step LP/QP problems in MICOM than OSQP at the moment. So if yo have access to them obtaining a license is worthwhile for using MICOM.


After registering and downloading the CPLEX studio for your OS unpack it (by running the provided installer) to a directory of your choice (we will assume it’s called ibm).

Now install the CPLEX python package into your activated environment:

pip install ibm/cplex/python/3.10/x86-64_linux

Substitute 3.10 with your Python version. Substitute x86-64_linux with the folder corresponding to your system (there will only be one subfolder in that directory).


Thanks to support from Richard Oberdieck from Gurobi, the Gurobi solvers now work excellently with MICOM.

Gurobi can be installed with conda.

conda install -c gurobi gurobi

You will now have to register the installation using your license key.