Source code for micom.taxonomy

"""Helpers to convert external data to a MICOM taxonomy."""

from micom.qiime_formats import (
import pandas as pd

[docs]RANKS = ["kingdom", "phylum", "class", "order", "family", "genus", "species", "strain"]
[docs]def build_from_qiime( abundance: pd.DataFrame, taxonomy: pd.Series, collapse_on: str = "genus", trim_rank_prefix: bool = False, ) -> pd.DataFrame: """Build the specification for the community models.""" if trim_rank_prefix: taxa = taxonomy.str.replace("[\\w_]+__|\\[|\\]", "", regex=True) else: taxa = taxonomy taxa = taxa.str.split(";\\s*", expand=True).replace("", None) taxa.columns = RANKS[0 : taxa.shape[1]] taxa["taxid"] = taxonomy.index taxa.index == taxa.taxid if isinstance(collapse_on, str): collapse_on = [collapse_on] ranks = [r for r in collapse_on if r in taxa.columns] taxa["mapping_ranks"] = taxa[ranks].apply( lambda s: "|".join(s.astype("str")), axis=1 ) abundance = ( abundance.collapse( lambda id_, x: taxa.loc[id_, "mapping_ranks"], axis="observation", norm=False, ) .to_dataframe(dense=True) .T ) abundance["sample_id"] = abundance.index abundance = abundance.melt( id_vars="sample_id", var_name="mapping_ranks", value_name="abundance" ) abundance = pd.merge( abundance[abundance.abundance > 0.0], taxa[ranks + ["mapping_ranks"]].drop_duplicates(), on="mapping_ranks", ) abundance["id"] = abundance["mapping_ranks"].replace( r"[^A-Za-z0-9_]+", "_", regex=True ) del abundance["mapping_ranks"] abundance.dropna(subset=ranks, inplace=True) depth = abundance.groupby("sample_id").abundance.sum() abundance["relative"] = abundance.abundance / depth[abundance.sample_id].values return abundance
[docs]def qiime_to_micom(feature_table, taxonomy, collapse_on="genus"): """Load a micom taxonomy from Qiime 2 data. Parameters ---------- feature_table : str Path to a Qiime 2 FeatureTable artifact. taxonomy : str Path to a Qiime 2 FeatureData[Taxonomy] artifact. collapse_on : str or List[str] The taxa ranks to collapse on. This will dictate how strict the database matching will be as well. Returns ------- pd.DataFrame A micom taxonomy containing abundances and taxonomy calls in long format. """ table = load_qiime_feature_table(feature_table) taxonomy = load_qiime_taxonomy(taxonomy) return build_from_qiime(table, taxonomy, collapse_on)
[docs]def rank_prefixes(manifest: pd.DataFrame) -> pd.Series: """Get the used prefixes for taxonomic ranks. Arguments --------- manifest : pandas.DataFrame A model database manifest. Returns ------- pandas.Series The detected prefix for each taxonomic rank in the manifest. """ ranks = [c for c in manifest.columns if c.lower() in RANKS] prefixes = pd.Series( {r: manifest[r].str.extract(r"^([a-z]__)").iloc[0, 0] for r in ranks} ) return prefixes
[docs]def unify_rank_prefixes(taxonomy: pd.DataFrame, manifest: pd.DataFrame) -> pd.DataFrame: """Handle taxonomic rank prefixes in the taxonomy or database manifest. Arguments --------- taxonomy : pandas.DataFrame A taxonomy table. manifest : pandas.DataFrame A database manifest. Returns ------- tuple of pandas.DataFrame The taxonomy with adjusted taxa names consistent with the database. """ tax_prefixes = rank_prefixes(taxonomy) db_prefixes = rank_prefixes(manifest) ranks = tax_prefixes.index[tax_prefixes.index.isin(db_prefixes.index)] if all(tax_prefixes[ranks] == db_prefixes[ranks]): return taxonomy taxonomy = taxonomy.copy() ranks = [c for c in taxonomy.columns if c.lower() in RANKS] if db_prefixes.isna().all(): for r in ranks: taxonomy[r] = taxonomy[r].str.replace(r"^[a-z]__", "", regex=True) else: for r in ranks: taxonomy[r] = db_prefixes[r] + taxonomy[r] return taxonomy